…And When You’ve Taken Down Your God

June 30, 2009 · 0 comments

And when you’ve taken down your guard
If I could change your mind, I’d really love to break your heart
I’d really love to break your heart
Tears for Fears (1984)

Your blue is not my blue.  The lyrics above are not what I hear when I listen to this song.  What I hear is “…and when you’ve taken down your god…”  A la Nietzsche’s “god is dead” and other sundry worshiper-pulling-down-deity images.

Granted, you may hear the same thing, as Tears for Fears is a British band and “god” and “guard” are homophonic under the Union Jack.

Either way, I’m not a huge fan of Tears for Fears – they’re a bit light and pop-y for me.  Disturbed, on the other hand, is right up my alley.  They covered this song on their first album “The Sickness”, and I dig their version much more than the original.


Overall, I dig the lyrics – whether sung by Roland Orzabal or David Draiman – there are some really pithy, poignant turns of phrase therein.  Whatever the lyrics may sound like to you, I still hear the sadness of wisdom talking to youth:  the wise one telling the young not to abandon their concept of god.  That in doing so, one only subjects oneself to the knowledge of pain – with no balm, salve, or security blanket to insulate or dampen the sharpness of that pain.  Not unlike Adam and Eve tasting the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

Contrast that, dear reader, with the Buddhist Four Noble Truths, the first of which states that “life is pain” (or is it “life is pain”?).

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