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June 26, 2009 · 2 comments

One of these days I’m going to learn to start my blog post before midnight.  I’ll tell ya, though, the stick of incense I’ve got burning right now is awesome.  One of the guys from work gave me a handful of those long ziplocks with different types of incense.  For whatever reason, his wife figured she had too much and told him to get rid of them – and I was the only guy he could think of that “might be into that sort of thing”.  How that works, I have no idea.  I wear stiffly creased khakis and oxfords to work pretty much every day.  And I haven’t had long hair since the days of my marriage.

I certainly didn’t dispute that I’m an incense-burner, though.  When he gave them to me, I was really more of a Nag Champa kind of guy, but what the heck, I figured:  free incense is free incense.  There were about half a dozen fragrances in the packets he gave me, and I really hope I’ll be able to find this one again.  It’s wicked soothing – any anxiety I might have about not being able to come up with something intelligent for you, dear reader, pretty much melted away as soon as the stick started to burn.  There’s nothing like diversifying and trying new things.

Wednesday was a good day for me to call in sick.  I got maybe 30 or 40 emails all day – and only one or two that had anything to do with me.  I slept in, went to Campmor to pick up a cockpit seal for my kayak, took the kayak down to the Passaic River for a nice 4-mile jaunt, and went back to Campmor (because I bought a spray skirt instead of a cockpit seal – and the wrong size, to boot).  I also finally got over my aversion to spending $150 on a pair of hiking boots – I picked up the Asolo Fugitives that I’d been fanasizing about for the past 6-10 months.  While my Keen Voyageur Mids (last year’s model) are comfortable as any boot I’ve ever worn, the sole is just a bit too soft for me to be traipsing around the Catskills with them all summer.  Oh, and I found the cockpit seal (in the right size) – it’s on my kayak now (which is, incidentally, on the roof of my car).

I bought the cockpit seal so that I wouldn’t have to worry about having my kayak on the car when it’s raining.  Yeah, I get wet pretty much no matter what, but there’s really no reason why I need to sit my ass down in a soaking wet seat as soon as I put the boat in the water.  I’m also hoping it does something for the aerodynamics vis-a-vis the gas mileage I’m losing with the kayak on the roof.

I think there’s a good chance that my kayak will be a semi-permanent fixture on my car for the rest of the warm seasons.  I’ve got the loading and unloading process down to about ten minutes each, which could very well be as fast as possible, and the Passaic is only about a ten minute drive from work.  I’m hoping to be out on the water almost every day after work.

I got rained on pretty good on Wednesday, but it was about 70 degrees outside – so the rain was just enough to cool me off.

I think I’m also going to check out some of the outdoorsy forums to which I belong, to see if I can find some weekend outings with fellow-kayakers.  Do girls kayak?  ;-)

“So what does this have to do with real life, Ted?” you ask. 

This has everything to do with life, dear reader.  I should have bought the boots months ago and broken them in by now – but I didn’t.  So I take the lesson I learned (once again) – that the anxiety accompanying the anticipation created by fantasization outweighs (in a negative sense) the sense of accomplishment of actually doing the deed – and I move on.  And plan my hike for this weekend. 

I have two mountains left to climb (Lone and Rocky) for the Catskill 3500 Club, and I have to go back to SW Hunter Mountain to sign in at the canister Scott and I couldn’t find in the pouring October rain.  No, I don’t particularly enjoy having to climb the mountain all over again, but I’d rather do that than send in my tally sheet with “couldn’t find the cansiter” and hope that the membership chair takes pity on me.  Which, if you need it spelled out, is me not having to learn that lesson all over again by just doing it, instead of wondering “what if?”

The above (sectioned) anecdote also deals with real life insofar as I’m back to being psyched for getting out and trying new things (e.g. kayaking in new places and possibly with new people).  Damn, I hope there are some hottie girl kayakers out there.

Just kidding.  Sort of.  It’s not so much about meeting chicks as it is about me doing things that I enjoy.  Bonus:  I get some exercise and some weather on this Irish and Eastern European skin of mine.

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Katie June 26, 2009 at 08:52

Wear Sunscreen


Tomers June 29, 2009 at 08:10

I’m going to bet there ARE female kayakers, but the sport of kayaking doesn’t really lend itself to meeting them, does it? What are you going to do, pretend to crash into each girl you’d like to meet? I think you need to join some sort of kayak club. You’ve been mentioning Hoboken – I know there is a Hoboken Ski Club which is an excellent way to meet women without trolling around a bar. So maybe there’s a similar Kayak Club somewhere.

I’m curious to hear about your experience on the Passaic River. I’ve gotten pretty close to the Passaic River, but never in it or on it. Does it have an odor? Is it deep? Shallow? Fast? Slow? Filled with garbage?

PS We need to see a photo of you with long hair so we can laugh at it. ;D


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