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June 20, 2009 · 1 comment

Yay good advice in the comments section!  I should probably have qualified that exclamation by italicizing ‘good’.  Some of you guys are effin weenies.  But not you, TNR.  Your suggestions in the comments to The Chinese Water Torture of Loneliness did not go unheard.

I’m going to make an effort to be less fiercely independent than I usually am.  This means trying new things that are more likely to involve other people.  Blogging from my local coffeeshop is something I already do kind of regularly – but my local coffeeshop is one of several Starbuckses in suburban Northern New Jersey.  The only people who go to these SBUXes are parents and their kids, and jail-bait.  Being that none of these types of people are generally in the pornography I enjoy, I think it’s safe to say that they aren’t in the realm of my sex/relationship ideal.

So tonight, I’m blogging from the SBUX on Newark & Hudson in Hoboken NJ.  It’s pretty dead – and I’ve been here for a couple of hours (current time: 23:30 EDT).  Hoboken’s a pretty happenin’ spot – especially on a Saturday night.  I’m sitting near the window, and even though it’s raining off and on, people are walking by.  So far, I’ve seen a handful of hot chicks walk by.  When I see them, I knock on the window to get their attention, and then lick the glass and make the universal sign/gesture for sexual intercourse.  No takers yet, but a homeless guy came in and asked me for a cigarette.  I think I might be using the wrong kind of bait. 

Just kidding.  Maybe.

Anyway, I kind of get the feeling that there’s another, less ‘corporate’ coffeshop in town.  I mean c’mon: 38,577 people in Hoboken (as of the 2000 census) can’t fit into the 100-something bars in town.  There have to be a couple of coffeeshops that people frequent.  I’ll do some more research before my next outing to see if I can find a hipper spot.

So yeah, I guess my quest for the next however-long is going to be to find out where people my age hang out and socialize.  I’ll worry about whether said people are “like me” once I do – one thing at a time.  Or maybe the quest will be to find out where people like me hang out and socialize, and worry about whether they’re “my age” afterward.  Either way, it’ll get me out and about a bit more.  The same old routine spots that haven’t been working probably won’t start anytime soon.  “Do what you did, and you’ll get what you got.”

If anybody near the Ridgewood NJ area has any suggestions, drop me a line in the comments or at QuixoticJedi[at]gmail.com.

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The Naked Redhead June 22, 2009 at 11:44

Ew, you licked glass in New Jersey? :)


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