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Saturday I’m headed up to good old Schenectady NY for my 10-year undergraduate reunion.  We call it ReUnion because the school’s name is Union College and undergraduate institutions love those catchy catch phrase thingies.  I’m going to guess that it’s been about 8 years since I last was there.
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By the by, our fraternity house (Phi Delta Theta) is located on the 50-yard line of the football field.  Just zoom in a bit.

If it weren’t for my buddy and fraternity brother Mark Goloboy, I’d probably either not have noticed that it’s been ten years or would have found some excuse to be too busy to go.  But I told Goloboy I’d be there a few weeks ago, and I’ve been enduring the damned Outlook reminder every couple of days (and sometimes hours) since then.  I’d planned on formally registering with the school, but decided against it because I’m cheap and cavalier.  Besides, they might have decided to hire extra security if they found out I was planning a return.  And I wouldn’t want them to waste the money and have to send out more “Union Fund” reminders to clutter my PO box – I’m much more toned-down than I was back then.

At least, I think I am.  Either way, my plan is to check the weather to see if it’d be worthwhile to bring my kayak with me and maybe throw it in the water at the boathouse, and to check the college’s website to see if there are any events I might want to attend (in order to decide what time I need to wake up).  Union is about 2.5 hours from me – which is really not a big deal of a drive for me, considering I’m on the road for about that long every weekend to go hiking.

I’m of two minds about going back to visit: part of me wants (or wanted) to ping a couple of people who are probably still there – my philosophy advisor and mentor Felmon Davis and crew coach Tom White, and part of me wants to just show up and see what happens.  Thanks to my incredible skills of procrastination, the choice has been made for me.  Guess which one.  I figure I’ll just let things happen and see who I bump into – if I want to catch up with Tom or Felmon, I can always give them a buzz and plan a special visit. 

Oh, and did I mention that I’m terribly cavalier?  I’m guessing that registering would have been a good idea – that it’s entirely possible that I might be locked out of some of the events because I didn’t make the obligatory donation to the school that already represents a good chunk of my hundred-grand debt.  Oh, well.

I’ll leave you with this, dear reader:  an email I received from Goloboy Friday night at around 10PM:

“Re: reunion

Zandman [a sophomore-year suitemate of mine] just told the story of that wildmotherfucker ted wallace sowing [sic] up his own hand.”

I’m pretty glad my plan is to skip the heavy partying this weekend.

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scott May 30, 2009 at 07:31

Say hi to the tri lambs for me


Darth Traya May 30, 2009 at 09:19

I hope that you have fun at your reunion this weekend. It is always entertaining to go to those things. Personally, I like seeing how badly Father Time is affecting the more popular girls in class. But that is just pure spite on my part.

I guess I didn’t have the right attitude for college, I didn’t see it as a coming of age time. Though it was, to me it was another hurdle that you endured to get into real adult life. I was always more concerned about getting my classwork done and still finding a job with enough hours so that I could actually eat.

I am glad that you have good relations with your former professors. I thought mine were a collective bunch of arrogant SOBs who couldn’t even form an opinion on anything until the New York Times told them what to think about something. The best and brightest in education keep their blinders on and are more concerned about parroting the party line.

Perhaps that’s why I love the quote from General George S. Patton: “That a man’s true education begins, the day he leaves school.” I always found more wisdom in the people who work, rather than teach.


Margaret June 4, 2009 at 22:00

Sorry, things have been busy and I am catching up on your posts..looks like lots of good reading. By the way..I think I remember that whole sewing up your own hand…I think I was there or there shortly after. You were a crazy motherf***er!


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