On Faith

May 28, 2009 · 1 comment

Yes, another post about that which I do not possess.  But it seems so cool!  It must be awesome to have faith.  Again, I’m talking about the kind of faith that works in all seasons, in all situations.  The kind that people who “walk with god” have.

Yeah, yeah, I know:  be careful what you wish for…

Well, I’m not wishing here; I’m hypothesizing.  And this hypothesis is about an evolution of faith.  I don’t think that it necessarily comes to those like me all at once – sure, there’s the “white light experience” and whatnot.  I’m not discounting that possibility.  It’s happened enough for other people.  I just don’t know that it would work for me.  I’m too much of a skeptic and a contrarian.  I’m the proverbial (or John-gospial) Doubting Thomas; though that dude believed after sticking his fingers in the holes.  I’d probably chalk the white light up to an aneurysm or something and be all psyched for my coming psychic powers and eventual death, like in Phenomenon.  Man, it would be cool to learn Brazilian Portuguese that fast!

So back to the hypothesis.  I think that faith comes to guys like me over time.  Through practice and repetition.  I suppose there’s worse karma to bear.  I’m not ready to give my will up to a higher power all at once; but I can do it in little bits and pieces.  A couple of situations here and a couple of situations there.  String them together and eventually I’m acting on faith for most of the time.  And who knows, maybe I string together a few years of complete faith just before I die.

I was discussing faith in terms of humility – or humility in terms of faith (take your pick) – with some friends not too long ago.  In that scenario, one asks/prays for something, but always remembers to append the request with “…if it be thy will”.  I think this is an excellent ego-deflation tactic, and I use it often.

I think that after doing this for a while, if one is truly attempting to align one’s will with that of one’s higher power, those prayers are answered in the affirmative (as opposed to in the negative or with “not yet”) more and more often.  After a while, one stops asking/praying for one’s own desires, and simply prays “thy will be done” – because that’s what one wants.

Tuesday’s reading in God Calling by A. J. Russell touches a bit on this.  And, if you’ll bear with me, dear reader, I think it can be linked to and – in a way – will bear out my hypothesis:

May 26:  Claim More

You are doing your claiming as I have said, and soon you will see the result.  You cannot do this long without it being seen in the material.  It is an undying law.

You are at present children practicing a new lesson.  Practice – Practice – soon you will be able to do it so readily.

You see others manifesting so easily, so readily demonstrating My Power.  But you have not seen the discipline that went before.  Discipline absolutely necessary before this Power is given to My disciples.  It is a further initiation.

You are feeling you have learnt so much that life cannot be a failure.  That is right, but others have to wait to see the outward manifestation in your lives before they realize this Spiritual Truth.

What I read from this is definitely not a “humble request” of the higher power, it says claiming – as though one had a right to it.  I think this is kind of the next step after the humble request.  That once one is walking with god and acting in concert with the will of a higher power all the time (notice I don’t say “on a regular basis”), these prayers/requests cannot but be fulfilled.  My will and god’s will are one.  Thus, the use of the term “claim”.  And all of a sudden, that “right” to something becomes “righteous” and takes on an entirely different meaning from that which we Americans usually view it (e.g. the Bill of Rights, right of privacy, right to free speech, etc.).

But all of this doesn’t happen overnight.  It comes through the practice and discipline of aligning one’s will with the higher power.  Which must necessarily have humble beginnings with the appendage “…if it be thy will”.  Like the effin Karate Kid, I don’t need to know that painting the fence or waxing the car or sanding the froor will help me block the punches and kicks that evil Johnny will eventually throw at me in the tournament:  I just need to know that Mr. Miyagi told me to paint the fence, wax the cars, and sand the froor.  I practice the motions with the faith that Mr. Miyagi knows what he’s doing and has a higher purpose for all this crap (other than whiter pickets, shinier cars, and smoother froors).  And keeping my mouth shut through all of this requires discipline, dear reader-san.

I’ll not here get into the real and metaphorical pain that’s involved in said discipline.

Q:  Does this fit with my zen-pragmatist views?  A:  Sure, why not.

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Darth Traya May 28, 2009 at 16:52

You hit upon some interesting thoughts as usual Ted. I know many of faith that have admitted that theirs has waned from time to time. Which is why I believe the phrase is to practice a faith. Do people tend to get more religious as the years pass? Some do, some lose faith. It would be interesting to contrast the numbers.

I admit to being a convert on my husband’s particular brand of faith. I was a Methodist growing up, my parents were not very religious. We went to church for weddings, funerals, Christmas and Easter services. While I did and do believe in God, I just found some (okay alot!) of it to be a stretch. My husband’s grandfather was Irish and very Catholic. But he was mostly self educated. It was the depression and all.

He remembered that most could not read or write at the time of the events of the New Testament. And that the most popular teaching tool at the time was the parable. Even Christ used them often. His grandfather came to the conclusion that the message of the story was the word of God. It is a little hard to believe that someone could in fact survive three days in the belly of a whale.

I don’t know what its like to have the kind of faith where you walk with God. That would be wonderful, but all I can do is try my best. I just personally feel uncomfortable with some Christians that have this endless need to tell about how they are born again and I should be too. Claiming to be saved. The last I checked, God actually makes that call. Even Christ told his followers to wary of some like that as well.

I wish you well on your journey to spiritual enlighenment. If you find anything out, please let me know.


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