Mercury Retrograde

May 11, 2009 · 1 comment

I can’t really say that things have been feeling particularly weird lately, but I’ve been a bit more vigilant in the past couple of days.  I read Sabrina’s post on Thursday about Mercury Retrograde and my ears perked up a bit – figuratively speaking, of course.  That post was the second time in a couple of weeks that I ran across the expression “Mercury Retrograde” – the first was a friend’s facebook status that stated “happy mercury retrograde”.  Since Thursday, I’ve kind of been waiting for the other shoe to drop – “third time’s the charm” as they say.

So here’s the skinny:  About three or four times a year, the planet Mercury appears to slow down, stop, and then go backwards in its path across the zodiac.  It’s all an optical illusion resulting from elliptical orbits and our skewed sense of perspective (we’re moving too) – I won’t really get into the mathematics here.  This is happening now – basically the time between May 6/7 and 30/31.

Astrologers say this affects all different forms of communication – from email and phone calls to simple misunderstandings between people.  If you’d like to read/learn more, Google “mercury retrograde” (duh) – that link will bring you to a Google search thereof.  Here are a couple of the links I skimmed: and Astrology on the Web.

As with anything in astrology, it’s tough to paint in broad strokes – we’re all different won’t all be affected the same way by such things.

The vibe I’ve been getting lately is one of a more chaotic time for me – which is good, because I kind of dig chaos.  It keeps me on my toes and keeps giving me opportunities to fail or succeed.  I prefer the latter, but success isn’t always the case and I’m ok with that.  As I mentioned at the end of Saturday’s post, I’m going to be using the next several weeks to keep an eye on the plates I already have up in the air – keeping them aloft instead of finding new ones to put up there.

Sure, I’ll spend some time in introspection – read all about it here – but I’m going to try not to spend too much time meditating on interpersonal relations and communications.  If communications are going to be effed up for the next few weeks, I’ll try not to put too much stock in them.  In the next few weeks, I’ll also try to make sure that I’m being clear in my own interpersonal communications – that I’m not giving mixed signals or making veiled assertions or giving vague responses.

I’ll also try to be aware that, no matter how direct or clear I think I’m being, I may not be getting my point across.  Rather than pressing or forcing, though, I think I’ll need to just take this possibility in stride and move along as best I can without getting overly frustrated.

The next few weeks also happen to be the busiest time of the year for me.  I have four shareholders meetings to work on this year – all in Taiwan, no less.  Communication is already a bit strange, as they are about 12 hours ahead of us here in EST, English is their second language (and I don’t speak Mandarin), and most communication is done via email.  What a perfect time for Mercury Retrograde.  Yay.

Again, I’m going to stay close to home in the next few weeks and tend my wagon train as best I can.  Maybe this isn’t the best time to worry about shaking up my routine.  We’ll see.  I’ll keep you posted.

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DarthTraya May 11, 2009 at 12:05

Always seem to be something in the cosmos that disturbs electronic communication. In the spring and fall its normally sunspots. Yet currently, astronomers are saying that the sun has not been this quiet since the last mini Ice Age. Just goes to show how fragile our system truly is.

With so many plates already in the air, it would be difficult to add more at the present time. The global business climate is rather grim with the march towards Socialism. I expect the economy to get much worse before it gets better. Best to concentrate on the units already engaged on so many fronts. But you are not alone in such endeavors, so many people I know personally find themselves stretched even thinner these days.

Which often reminds me of the quote from a Jewish philosopher whose name I am forgetting right now. “Be kind, for everyone you meet, is in the midst of a great battle.”


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