Dreams of Ice and Rock

May 2, 2009 · 1 comment

Last night I dreamt of large, icy, moving boulders and falling short distances without getting hurt.

I also dreamt of my Malaysian friends Didi and Niks, whom I’ve never met.

The latter of the two was the first dream segment and is easily analyzeable:  I dreamt that I was sleeping with Niks behind Didi’s back.  Niks is Didi’s younger sister; they’re both slightly younger than I.  Yes, yes, I’m an horridly amoral person. 

Given my current time constraints (it’s 2:28AM EST), I’ll skip the details and get right to the analysis:  Didi and I are blog-buddies, but we also converse regularly via email.  In that sense we’re also co-confidants and, to a certain extent, co-conspirators in this game of life.  Niks also has a blog, but it’s on blogdrive and I can’t get the RSS feed, which is frustrating (as she knows).  Didi lives in Kuala Lumpur and Niks in Brunei. 

Time-out.  Back to the analysis:  I’m friends with both Niks and Didi on Facebook and we regularly write on each other’s walls and comment on each other’s status updates.  Niks commented after a borderline-inappropriate comment by yours truly, and when I messaged her to clear up my confusion, I discovered that she’s on Twitter.  We traded a few tweets last night before I went to bed (they’re about 14 hours ahead of me time-wise). 

In my dream, Niks and I weren’t having sex (I rarely get laid in my dreams), so it’s not as freudian as one may think.  But it’s pretty obvious to me that my dream-relationship with Didi was rather exclusive and the fact that I was in bed with Niks was not altogether on the up-and-up.  Analysis:  two comfortable places for me with Niks: bed (dream) and Twitter (real life).  Didi’s not on Twitter, so technically (and paranoidically) my conversation with Niks was behind Didi’s back.  In the dream, I didn’t actively make a choice to be in bed with Niks, it just happened – kind of like when I dream about being drunk without actually making a decision to drink.  The sleeping together part probably came from me being all-but propositioned by a girl at work the day before (she’s kind of hot, so I had sex/romance on the brain when I fell asleep).  Sadly, I don’t fish off the company dock.  But my subconscious held on to that and acted it out in my dream.  Sans moral transgression (thank the goddess), so I didn’t feel like shite when I woke up.

The second part of my dream was less obvious.  I’ll briefly sketch out the details and then give my take on what it means.  I’d be interested to hear your thoughts, dear reader.

I was on an icy, snowy mountain with a group of people I’d never met before.  They were everywhere on the mountain and were of a culture separate from mine.  The ritual I was participating in had to do with skimming down the ice on the mountain (not unlike a ski-slope, only all ice and dangerous obstacles) in boats of various shapes and sizes.  I have a vague recollection that we dragged our boats to the top of the mountain, but this happened relatively quickly and I don’t think it was all that important. 

Events really unfolded at the top of the mountain.  There were a lot of people there of all ages and varying degrees of skill and rank.  As per usual, I was an untested outsider thrown in with the warrior-class of this culture.  I came to find out that it was relatively competitive and cut-throat.  Death was not uncommon in this competition cum pastime.  The women and children were there for play and the men were there to test one another on the field of semi-mock battle in a kind of race down the moutain.  Not a conventional race, though, because there really weren’t any rules and we didn’t all start at the same time and head for a single finish line, etc. 

While I was vaguely aware of the fact that this was a competition, I was also oblivious – if that can be said without being self-contradictory.  I suppose it was more that I really didn’t care that my ‘peers’ in the warrior-class were competing with one another, even though I was certainly the object of some quasi-dastardly deeds.  I spent my time helping the young ones out and having fun, while trying to remember that I was in a different culture and expected to conform to the semi-battle ritual.  My kayak (that is, the one that I own in real life) was my vehicle in the dream, and as far as matching those of my ‘peers’ goes, it was probably in the 90th percentile quality-wise.  So I was not at any particular disadvantage, even though I was an outsider.  I remember being accorded a certain level of respect for this.

The ‘race’ was in sections, and the ice was very slick, so our boats moved fast down the mountain between the sections.  I spent most of my time on my feet, and I recall that the ice was slick when I wanted it to be (I did a lot of sliding down the sections on my feet, as though I were surfing), but I also had good traction when I wanted to.  It was much easier for me to get around on the ice than my native-peers, which seemed unnatural to them.  I should mention here that our feet were bare and our garb was a post-apocalyptic melange, a la Waterworld or Mad Max.

I went through a series of the sections with my class and there came a time where I got sidetracked with the younglings and lost my boat.  Given that ‘cheating’ was part of the game-ritual, I assumed that my competitors had stolen/hidden it, but I think that turned out to be wrong and that I simply went farther down the course on foot than I thought.  So when I went looking for my boat, it was actually much farther up the mountain than where I thought I had left it (and the nearby surrounds, wherein it might have been hidden from me).

As I was moving around, the women- and childfolk kept warning me off of certain areas – I was adeptly climbing on and jumping from rock to ice-covered rock in an effort to more quickly reach whatever destinations I was headed towards.  The rocks were not stable.  They moved.  I should have immediately turned back and taken the longer, safer route.  But I didn’t.  And though the rocks rolled and tumbled beneath me, I was able to move quickly enough to avoid falling.  At one point, I jumped to an ice-covered structure made of huge timbers, very much like a cross between a giant-sized and spread out game of Jenga made of oversized lincoln logs, sans fitting-cutouts.  The structure began to come down around me because of my weight, but again I was able to jump from timber to timber without consequence.

I may or may not have found my boat eventually.  It doesn’t matter, because it was around this time that I woke up.

As far as analysis goes, I’m a bit at a loss.  I think the main take-away for me was that none of the life-threatening situations I found myself in were in the least bit daunting, despite the shock and awe that was so readily apparent on the faces of the native women and young ones.  I had a sort of naive and unknowing confidence in my ability to handle the situation.  And frankly, I didn’t really consider any of these things to be ‘situations’ at all – even though everything about the events that occurred consisted of completely new experiences for me. 

I simply didn’t recognize the fact that I was the only one who was able to alternately surf the ice and have steady-foot traction at will.  I was likewise oblivious to the apparent danger that I was in.  I must have recognized it at some base level, for I’m telling you that I was in mortal danger, but I think it was the dream-witness-me that recognized the danger, not the dream-participant-me.

Overall, it was a very heartening dream to have.  I woke up with the subconscious feeling in my gut that I can accomplish anything – even and especially things that others consider to be impossible.  I think I’ll hold on to the memory of this feeling for a while.

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Didi May 6, 2009 at 04:29




That’s a pretty dodgy dream to have, Ted. Guilty, much?

You’ll be heartened to know that the whole twitter idea is bouncing around in my mind, so I might just give in and sign up for the third time. Seems that I need to be up-to-date with all these “social media” tools for work. Ugh.

And yes, you can accomplish anything you want. Hold on to that thought for as long as you can.


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