On Feng Shui and Pleasant Irony

April 19, 2009 · 3 comments

I was up until about 3:30 in the morning on Friday night, messing with my new SlideShare account, in order to get “NASA’s Next Spacecraft – Alternatives to Ares?” posted properly, so I there was really no way in hell I was waking up two hours later to bushwack 7 miles and climb two mountains.  I’ll be doing that today.  Here’s yesterday’s post, if you want to read about it.  Sorry, cousin Danny, I’m screwing you over on the AM kayaking thing.

I slept right through my alarm and got out of bed just before 15:00 EST.  What a glorious day yesterday was!  I spent it running errands – don’t worry, I won’t regail you here with tales of the laundromat and car wash.

Pleasant Irony #1

As I was on my way to the (DIY) car wash, my friend Cheryl popped into my head, and I wondered if we were friends on Facebook.  Cheryl and I comment on each others’ blogs from time to time.  She’s married, lives in Florida, and is a fellow Mensa member.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, I’ve become somewhat addicted to Twitter, so I checked my @replies from my blackberry while I was driving, and what do I see at the top of the list?  A tweet from Cheryl:

Cherylcliopatra#hunkalert @niceguyted nice guy – funny – smart give him some love, ladies!

Needless to say, we’re now friends on Facebook.  What a cool surprise!  This was completely out of the blue.  Cheryl and I hadn’t spoken (via twitter or blog comment) in at least a day.  Chalk it up to intuition or my burgeoning psychic powers, I found it a pleasant irony that I was thinking about Cheryl at just about the exact moment that she was tweeting about me.

Pleasant Irony #2

After running my errands, stopping by to say hello to sister Katie and Cousin Danny at MacMurphy’s Pub in town, and cleaning everything I own (or rent), I went to my local SBUX to get some time away from Mafia Wars, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  I figured if I changed environments I’d be more apt to finish plugging my edits into the word version of Franco’s novel so that I can (finally) get that back to her.  I also planned to get a couple of emails out of the way – one to Didi, and one to another Twitter friend, @yogadork.

I didn’t do a very good job of putting this post together or working on Nicole’s novel while at SBUX (or writing that email to Didi, for that matter).  I did, however, get to upload a bunch of winter hiking pics to my Facebook page, which you can view here (even if you’re not on Facebook). 

As I was composing my email to @yogadork, I pulled up YD’s facebook page and then Twitter page, and what do I see but this re-tweet (about 3 minutes old):

yogadorkyogadorkted on the prowl, what did I say about wolf? RT @niceguyted: @cliopatra #hunkalert nice guy -funny- smart give him some love, ladies!

Neither tweet has netted me any dates (yet), but they both made my day.  And the pleasant irony of reading both tweets right as I was thinking about these two did not go unnoticed – it’s the stuff that saying “there are no coincidences” is made of.

Feng Shui

When I returned home from the SBUX and took my laptop out my bag and put it on my desk, I was struck by a feeling that I can’t quite describe.  I recognized immediately that it was due simply and completely to the energy flow in my apartment. 

I’m a pretty neat person – I definitely have clutter in my apartment, but that’s relegated to certain specific areas.  When I cleaned yesterday afternoon, I didn’t do any major moving of items in the apartment – everything has a place and generally stays in its place.  I clean about once a week, so the difference between before and after isn’t immediately recognizable to one looking in from the outside.  But last night, it was immediately recognizable to me.  It felt really good and comfortable to walk into my apartment and sit down at my desk and write to you.

http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/digg_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/reddit_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/dzone_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/stumbleupon_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/delicious_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/blogmarks_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/newsvine_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/technorati_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/google_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/myspace_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/facebook_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/yahoobuzz_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/twitter_32.png

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Didi April 19, 2009 at 08:51

So, about that email…



ppaz April 20, 2009 at 00:41

I love pleasant ironies…. I think if you connect enough with energy, you can subliminally will these kinds of things to happen.


$@bs April 20, 2009 at 09:39

It’s a Law of Attraction thing (Did you finish The Secret??? Let’s discuss)!


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