Soulive Show Last Night

April 17, 2009 · 0 comments

Last night I attended the Soulive show at Blender Theater at The Gramercy (in NYC).  It was pretty effin awesome.  Had I so chosen, I could have spit on any one of the band members at any time during the show.  I danced and sweated my face off the whole time.  I love funk bands.

I really need to buy a digital camera.  Or figure out how to post the pics I took with my phone.  I’m sure it’s not that hard, but at this late hour, it’s that hard.

The show was great.  I really dig Soulive.  This is the third time I’ve seen them.  The first time was when they opened for the Greyboy Allstars at Nokia Theatre in Times Square.  The second was when they came to Ridgewood NJ (wtf??) to play at a little (now o-o-b) “club” called Blend.  The thing I like so much about them is that they kept me dancing the whole time – and I don’t own any of their albums, nor can I name a single song of theirs.  They’re just a great live show.

The band consists of Alan Evans on drums, Neal Evans on the organ (yes, they’re brothers – Alan’s older), and Eric Krasno on guitar.  Here’s their website.  All three are extremely talented musicians.  Every time I’ve seen them, they’ve had different artists playing with them – from DJs and rappers to other guitarists to singers or horn players.  They’re very versatile, but lack a true frontman (or woman).  Nigel Hall opened for them last night and came on stage to sing a couple of songs and screw around with Neal on the organ.

Again, great show.  I wish you could have been there with me, but I’m also glad you weren’t because I had an awesome time by myself.

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