Day #5 – 31DBBB

April 12, 2009 · 1 comment

Email a Blog Reader

…is today’s task in the “31 Days to Build a Better Blog” event.  It’s actually something I already do – so I paid special attention to Darren’s tutorial when he said that most people just roll their eyes when he suggests this.  While I wasn’t rolling my eyes per se, I was thinking I’d get a day off and not have to do anything.

However, as I’ve heard before “SEO/SEM is a journey, not a destination” – the same goes for making this blog better.  Just as I can’t get by today on yesterday’s shower, I have to do something today to build a better blog – that’s the point of the exercise.

Emails Today

I have a few readers who regularly comment on my posts.  Sometimes, I’ll reply to their comments, but it’s rare that I email them – they’re regulars, they’ll be back…right?  Emailing the new-commenters is a no-brainer.  I’m always hot for a new email address and something to talk about.

Today I emailed my regular commenters.  I thanked them for their comments and did an in-general check-in.  I also emailed someone who used to be a regular commenter, but from whom I haven’t heard in a while.

Other Recent Emails

I’ve also been back through my comments to see if there were any commenters I hadn’t emailed.  Surprisingly, there were a few.  I cross-referenced my comments with my sent emails (which was a bit more time-consuming than I expected) and sent short thank-you emails.  I’ve also set up an auto-signature on my gmail account to include my website and twitter URL.

I’ve had some good conversations via email with some of my commenters.  I’d definitely consider some of them friends.  I’ve even friended a couple on Facebook – we now “talk” regularly via that medium.

I’m giving some serious thought to setting up a separate profile page for The Quixotic Jedi and uploading my gmail contacts list to it.

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