Decisions, Decisions

April 11, 2009 · 0 comments

Up until about 20 minutes ago (which would be 2:20AM), I really thought I was going to hike today.  Unfortunately, dear reader, I’m a night-blogger and bushwacking 6-7 miles to climb two mountains is a bit much to do with only three hours of sleep (even for me).  It’s not so much the physical exertion as the fact that I need my wits about me when I’m bushwacking.

My plan was to take care of Doubletop and Graham Mountains today, but the weather’s also supposed to be pretty crappy – about 30 degrees with a very good chance of rain/snow in the Catskills.  That’s ok, though, I’ve got plenty of other things to take care of. 

Hopefully I’ll be able to take care of some of my back homework for Darren Rowse‘s “31 Days to Build a Better Blog” event. 

I really had every intention of going hiking this morning, but it’s also something I have to start very early in the morning, or it kills the whole day.  And a poll of my Twitter followers came back with a pretty strong “no” vote.  I’ve been praying for the ability to read the signs, and these seem like pretty definitive signs to sleep in.

@galacticbinder put together a montage of the thumbnails of the Star Wars characters on Twitter (based on Wednesday’s blog post) last night.  You can view it here, if you like.  I spent a good couple of hours (more than expected) on Twitter last night passing the link around and talking to people (via email as well).

Good stuff.  I’m psyched.  Let’s see if I can’t stick to my schedule and crank out a couple more posts today.

Oh, and have I mentioned the PayPal widget in the right-hand sidebar? —->

;-)  Peace out.

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