Status Update: “niceguyted is get money”

April 10, 2009 · 0 comments

This is probably as good a time as any to mention in an actual post that I’m all about paying off my student loan debt.  You can read more about that up top in the About and Donations tabs, or just swing your eyes to the right and drop something in the PayPal bucket under the Support heading.  Ten bucks is just a suggestion – I’m equally happy with more or less – it’s your choice.

Having got that out of the way (and before I come back to it), I’d like to express my undying gratitude to you, dear reader.  You keep me coming back to this WordPress dashboard every night, hoping to put together something you’ll get a kick out of.  And you keep me coming back to this dashboard all day long, to read your comments and see if you’re having as much fun as I am (I intuit this via my stats plugins).

My friend and fellow blogger The $@BS loaned me that ever-popular “new age hooey” book The Secret, which I’ve been reading over the past few days.  No worries, I don’t plan on getting into a wordy discussion of the law of attraction and how it’s working for me.  But I am going to try a little experiment:

Here are links to authentic *.pdf and html copies The Secret blank checks, drawn on the Bank of the Universe. 

Print one out, make it out to yourself with the details of how much money you’d like to receive in the near future, and place it in a location where you can look at it every day.  When you see it, “feel the feeling of having that money now”.

And when you receive the money, come back here and drop me a Hamilton, or a Jackson, or a handful of Franklins.  I’m feeling the feeling of it working for you and my PayPal account filling up as we speak.

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