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April 6, 2009 · 4 comments

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I got quite a few things done on Saturday.  I make lists a lot – I use index cards and cross off the things as I do them.  I find it best to put everything on the list – both the time-consuming “priority tasks” and the more “routine” matters.  Generally, I get most of the routine things done and only one or two (depending on how many are on the list) of the time-consuming tasks.  Those that I don’t complete get rolled on to the next index card for another day.

I find that putting the simple/routine things down on the card is good because (1) I don’t forget anything, and (2) I get a sense of accomplishment out of seeing a bunch of things from my list crossed off.  A sense of accomplishment is very important to me – I usually put that on the “[insert # here] Things I Can’t Live Without” section of my internet dating profiles.

For example, on OkCupid, the section is “The six things I could never do without” [sic].  My answer was:

  1. Goals.
  2. A sense of accomplishment.
  3. Something to read (preferably something good to read).
  4. I’d like to say sex, but I haven’t died yet, so I don’t know how true that would be. (Let’s count that, ’cause I’m running out of things.)
  5. Human contact (though I hate to admit it).
  6. Strong Coffee (black).
  7. Fresh air.

…And I just realized that that’s seven things.  Here’s a lesson, fellow internet daters:  there’s no extra credit.

Jeez, how’s that for a digression?  Starting at the second sentence, lol.  Back to the whole “Solid Weekend” thing:

I accomplished quite a bit on Saturday.  That sense of accomplishment rolled right through the day on Sunday.  I started by kicking the soccer ball around with my brother John – about 45 minutes’ worth was good for both of us.  I’ve been hiking all winter, so I don’t expect to be too sore today.  A little bit, though; soccer uses different muscles in different ways and I haven’t played soccer in like 14 years.  I’m psyched for Tuesday; I’m not as rusty as I was expecting to be.

After soccer, John and I grabbed coffee and hung out for a bit.  I put the kayak on my roof rack and headed off to Harriman State Park.  I entered the park behind some dude with two two-person kayaks on the roof of his SUV and decided to ignore my isolation instinct and follow him.  Lucky that I did, too, because he went right to the park ranger station at Tiorati Circle to register his kayaks for the season.  I did the same.  It cost me $45 for stickers for my car and kayak, and a key to the locks for about half of the lakes in the park. 

 I drove around the park for a bit, looking for other kayakers, but didn’t see any.  I used my brandy-new key to get to the boat launch area at Lake Welch.

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I then spent about 45 minutes or so paddling around on the lake.  I didn’t go too far from the shore, just in case.  The boat seemed tippy when I first got in, but that quickly went away.  I’m used to rowing in crew shells, which are a hell of a lot more narrow (and with a higher center of mass), so I got used to the kayak pretty quick.  It was pretty friggin’ awesome.  I didn’t overdo it, either, which is quite out of character for me. 

On the way home, I kept thinking that I’d really like to get back out in a single scull – rowing really uses all the muscles in one’s body and the speed and rhythm that can be achieved in a single scull are unmatched.  There are drawbacks to a single scull, though, which is why I bought a kayak.  I just need to spend more time paddling and get my technique down before I can really turn kayaking into a good workout.  There are a few adjustments I need to make to the footstops and seat, but the whole experience was pretty awesome.

Again, a big-time sense of accomplishment.  From the roof rack to the neoprene booties to the spray skirt and PFD, I was completely prepared for this outing.  And ready to go again soon.

After kayaking, I had an hour or so to take a shower, get coffee, and fill out my friend Mike’s birthday card (he turned 62 yesterday) before heading off to tutor my friend Paul in 8th grade math (he’s 49 and back in college, as I’ve mentioned before).  After tutoring, I got to spend some time with Mike – we laughed because I’ll finally be right when I tell people that he’s 62 (I’ve been thinking he was 62 for the past 6 months or so).

And that’s it.  Shee-it, I didn’t think I had this much to say.  My original intent when I started this post was to have a couple of headings – one being “Cool People I’ve Met on Twitter”.  I guess that’ll have to wait for another day.  It was definitely a solid weekend.

By the way, kudos to you, dear reader if you’ve read this far.  You’ve officially joined the ranks with my “who brought the awesomeness?” sister Katie, as being one who can handle my loquaciousness.  ;-)

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lily.nicole April 6, 2009 at 04:33

Dah-ling! The fact that the majority of your post takes place less than 3 miles away from my folk’s new “home” definitely set the bells off and the nostalgia set in as well. Harriman was such a staple for all of us…I can still find the (not entirely legal) campsite we’ve revisited for about 10 + years…we originally built it over somebody else’s abandoned campsite. It was overgrown, blah blah but there was clearly an old fire pit, a round top grill-piece which we immediately put to use and a natural spring just down the hill from which we’d pump a few gallons each trip. (That was my job as all the boys tried to show who’d been the better Boy Scout in a complete “To-Build-A-Fire”-Off competition. Best to be a water-wench and stay hydrated, I say…
Where is this comment headed, Nicole? (Ted’s inner monologue clears it’s throat.)
I do believe you’ve given me a bit of nostalgia, dear friend.

May Seven Lakes Drive rule forever! (I’d demand you to rock on, but I believe the l.z. “ramble on” fits much more appropriately here.

I’m so elated your weekend was glorioius!


lily.nicole April 6, 2009 at 04:41

BTW, just tried to get into the whole Twitter thing…and it totally dissed me.

I did not realize that I was UNWORTHY!



BRIAN April 6, 2009 at 12:37

I can’t beleive I did read the whole thing.


Tomers April 7, 2009 at 06:41

Index cards?

You’ve got a blog, you’re a Twitter freak, you have a Blackberry… and you still use index cards?!

As a fellow list maker, I can say that it’s just as satisfying to check something off in the Blackberry Tasks app as it is to cross something off on an index card. And if the Tasks app isn’t spiffy enough for you, go to the new Blackberry App World and download something else!


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