A Love Poem

April 1, 2009 · 0 comments

9 March 1998

You bring me clarity.
When the world seems muddled
and everything runs together in one pessimistic
grey dusty thick soup,
a word from you is enough to bring it all
back into focus.

As I write these words,
by candle-light, no less,
I feel you slip under this rough exterior
I try so hard to project.
This pitiful facade of mine
melts away into candle-lit thoughts of your softness.

But anyone can be soft.
No, your softness doesn’t make me love you.
Just as the softness of your hair and cheeks
combine with your piercing eyes,
so does the softness of your smile
meld perfectly with the sharpness of your teeth,
that razor-edge of your tongue,
almost but not quite covered by the melody of your voice.

As I write these words,
even though by candle-light,
I am butchering your beauty.
How supreme can my arrogance be,
to think that any words,
much less these pitiful ones I write,
could ever describe you?

I am well aware
of the fact that words,
even those written by candle-light,
can never express my love –
so what makes me think
that I might ever explain
your beauty, or the reasons for my love
in words such as these?

I don’t know,
but I have to try.
I need to try to express these things.
For it’s by my failure to do so
that I bring candle-lit insight to
the otherwise darkness of my life
without you.

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