The Princess

March 23, 2009 · 0 comments

How about another poem from sometime during my youth?  I found this one in an old notebook, from a time when I thought it tacky to put dates on things.  Let’s call it somewhere around 1998; I was pretty active around then.

In addition to omitting dates, I was also semi-averse to titles at that time. 

Let’s call this one “The Princess”:

gazing down from the parapet,
cold stone turrets rising above her head
casting shadows about her
the monarch’s only daughter
stared in bewilderment
at the stolid solitary knight
on the chestnut brown horse
with the posihed leathers
and crisp garments of a gentleman
preparing to assault the castle


she knows his intentions only too well
she thought
wondering if his ice-grey eyes
had been drained of their warmth
by his purpose.


she wondered if he was aware
of the team of horses
nervously attached to her carriage
behind and below her,
prepared to speed her away
should the need arise


she wondered if he was aware
of the company of archers,
poised next to the slit-windows
of the castles in the rooms below her,
prepared to rain wood and steel
upon him at a moment’s notice


she wondered if he was aware
of the legion of infantrymen
standing at attention
behind the closed portico in front
of him;
or the mounted cavalry with their
lances glistening in the sunset
waiting behind the foot-soldiers


she wondered if he was aware
of the cauldrons of oil,
kept boiling
or the pile stones next to the pots
in the turrets to either side of her


she looked down at the jagged rocks,
waiting to embrace his broken body
and felt the presence of the vultures
that would slip the flesh from his body
and pick his skull clean
as it sat upon the sharpened pike
waiting in the courtyard


she thought of his bones,
bleaching in the sun,
discarded among the remains
of failed fools
and enemies of the kingdom


she thought of the place
where they were free to
love without blockades or restraints


she thought of the beauty of that place
and the joy it would bring them


she thought of the journey to that place
and jumped.

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