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March 19, 2009 · 0 comments

  • Done blogging. Tomorrow’s post should be fun. and – a social experiment. #
  • How well can you get to know someone from information available on the internet?, #
  • @Nenad Screw your avatar. I like your personality. I might pick a different adjective than “sparkling”, though. #
  • @theclimbergirl Hey baby, what’s your sign? in reply to theclimbergirl #
  • @Nenad lol – I get your point. I thought “hardcore dork” was pretty cool. #
  • Love you, Chuck. RT @Nenad RT @chucknorris_: There is no theory of evolution, just a list of creatures Chuck Norris allows to live. #
  • I’ve been waiting for this one: RT @cognitatic @niceguyted ted are you menstrual? [No, just hyper-aware of the world around me. I <3 Gaia.] #
  • Duh. I counted 96%, wtf. RT @TechCrunch [News] Facebook Poll: 94% Of Users Don’t Like Redesign #
  • Twitterers losing tweets: @IntegralHack, @thecorplibrary…anyone else? I’m not worried, mine are all crap anyway. #
  • @thecorplibrary As far as I can tell, all my tweets are still there. Huh. Good to know you didn’t lose anything. in reply to thecorplibrary #
  • @corplibrary @IntegralHack My DMs have been in/out all day; getting them much earlier via regular email. @ replies have been the same. #
  • LMAO you guys are too much…RT @Durgamaa @yogadork Who says? An Ayurvedic vaidya? I think not… #
  • @IntegralHack I feel ya, dog. I’m going to get back to doing some work-related work. in reply to IntegralHack #
  • @Glammy_ RT @Andrew303 Finally someone is making hoodies out of blowup dolls (1 part unsafe for work, 9 parts plain weird) #
  • Dig it. “Daily Gratitude Blog” RT @BlissfullyTeal The value of life… #
  • Home from the diner and Mini dealership – $30 for a little piece of metal?! Definitely not blogging about THAT. I pick up the kayak on Sat. #
  • @IntegralHack @yogadork I tweeted this morning about being sensitive to the lunar cycles. I got the same “are you menstrual” question. #
  • @yogadork lol – no, my feelings were hurt :-( ok, now I’m lmao – actually, I tried to explain my hyper-sensitivity in 140 chars #
  • @IntegralHack Yeah, nice to know I’m not the only one. If I get any more “sensitive”, I’ll be effin psychic. #
  • @Digital_Buddha Yo Helaine! Great to see you in this forum. Plenty of cool stuff going on – if you can find it. ;-) in reply to Digital_Buddha #

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