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March 19, 2009 · 3 comments

Ok.  Check it out.  As the title states, this post is all about Didi.

I’m not really sure how to start, because I don’t really know all that much about Didi.  That makes this post kind of tough for me, because I’m a perfectionist.  I’m also not sure how much about Didi I should reveal, which also rubs against my perfectionism.  We’re friends on Facebook, so I’ve got a bit more opportunity for an inside scoop than y’all might have.  I’ve also spent some time trying to find her blog, so I know a few keywords that’ll get one a good view at Didi’s Cyber-Ego.

So how about I start from the beginning, tell you a bit about how I ended up writing about a person I hardly know, and then actually get to the miserable little bit that I do know about Didi?

Or, maybe we’ll do this Stephen-King-style and start in the middle and fill in the backstory as we’re moving forward?

This whole thing started out as Didi’s idea – one to which I wholeheartedly agreed.  This is kind of a double-blind experiment: neither of us know very much about one another, so we’re going to write bios of one another and post them on our blogs.  Theoretically, we’re supposed to stick to just what we know of each other from our respective blogs and Facebook pages.  I’ll give you the link to Didi’s blog at the bottom of this post and you can proceed to read the other half of this experiment.

Didi was the first person ever to post a comment to my blog – back when this was  I had just spent a few hours figuring out how WordPress worked – picking a theme and all that was excruciating.  My first post – also an experiment – was entitled “Tabula Rasa” and the only words in it were something along the lines of “let’s see what happens”.  Didi’s comment was: “Well, what happens?”  Which was good for me, because it actually motivated me to help something happen.  I googled her username and flipped around a few of her pages on different sites for a bit.  That’s when I found her blog.

A couple of months ago, after I had bought a domain and really put some time into this blog, I had the notion to look Didi back up.  I sent her an email telling her that my blog had “evolved” and that she should check it out again.  We’ve corresponded (ever so briefly) every now and again since then.  She called me “monosyllabic” and I asked her if she was British.  It’s really been a match made in blog-heaven.  I think Didi got a kick out of it when I friended her on Facebook.

The thing that kind of sucks for me about this (and why I’m taking so long to get to Didi’s bio – i.e. stalling) is that I’m kind of intimidated by my own impression of Didi.  She’s got what’s called “creative intelligence” – which means that her imagination is particularly vibrant.  She can think outside of the box and come up with brand-new ideas much more readily than me.  This might have something to do with the fact that she’s an Aquarian.  I’m kind of jealous of this and, being a competitive Scorpio, think you’ll like her post much more than you’ll like mine.  I feel like my writing is drudging and pedantic when compared to hers.

My suggestion:  When you move on from this post, read more of Didi’s blog than just the first couple of posts at the top.  If you see the same things I do, you’ll notice that her words seem to flow effortlessly from keyboard to screen.

Bullet Points


  • Didi lives in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).  She likes football and footballers (translation to American: soccer and soccer players), particularly Italian football (and -ers).  Her favourite team:  AC Milan.  Didi follows them religiously.  She watches the games, reads the news, and gets caught up in the drama.
  • Didi likes vodka.  She thinks that perhaps she likes it a bit too much.  She’s not sure if her relationships would survive without vodka. 
  • Didi is incredibly introspective.  Didi has high expectations of herself; possibly high to the point of unattainability.
  • Didi is a pretty big fan of sex.  That’s hot.  Who isn’t?  A fan of sex, I mean.  Didi’s preferred man is “prison sexy”.
  • Didi likes fashion.  Didi likes shopping and hates budgeting.




Didi lives half the world away, follows sports, and is somewhat materialistic.  I don’t pay attention to sports and am not into men – jury’s still out on the “prison sexy” thing, though.




I’m introspective and have high expectations of myself; I’m a fan of sex, fashion (in my own way), and I’m materialistic (in my own way), too.




I can really dig on the introspection thing.  I think Didi is way too hard on herself, though.  While it’s important to take regular (mental/emotional/fiscal/whatever) inventory every once in a while, I think it’s important to do so objectively.  That is, look at the “good” and “bad” and take note without judging too much or skewing the overall conclusion in a positive or negative direction.  I think Didi has a shitload of positive attributes that get overwhelmed (in her mind) by the ones she considers to be negative character traits.

Didi is much smarter than she gives herself credit for.  She has either met a (very) few people that are smarter than her or has simply acknowledged the fact that there must be people out there that are smarter than her.  She thus considers herself to be of middling intelligence, when in fact she falls more towards the top of the heap.

I think Didi likes the field that she’s in, but not necessarily the day-to-day tasks that her job involves (writing dumb headlines for stupid government agencies).  I can identify with that.  Again, this comes with being predominantly right-brained (holistic).  Didi likes the big picture, but not so much the details.  Which is not to say that she’s not good at the detail-aspects of things, just that they bore her after not-too-long.  Because of that boredom, she stops paying attention to where she was going and gets lost in the labyrinth of specificity.

Didi should be rich and able therefore to avoid getting mired in details, but she’s not, and consequently does.  Didi should be a manager or a director and only have to worry about big-picture, broad-stroke issues, but she’s not and the detail-work is a real pain in her ass.  At some point in the future, Didi will truly begin to look at herself objectively and see her assets for what they really are.  Then she will be able to apply them to their fullest extent and not be hampered by what she considers to be her defects.  Then she will be free and the world will be nothing more than the oyster in which she becomes a pearl, her lustre shining for all to see.

There’s much more I could tell you about Didi, but again, I’m not sure how much to reveal.  If you want to know more, ask her.  She’s pretty damned cool. 

So that’s it from my end.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this portion of Didi’s and my social experiment and celebration of our shared uber-dorkhood.

Now, on to


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p. March 20, 2009 at 01:28

You’re spot on about didi.
I’m really amazed :)

Oh yeah, I’m didi’s friend.


niks March 20, 2009 at 03:01

hi ted!

for someone who’s never met her, you’ve got her down pat. And i know, since i’m her sister! Haha.


Didi March 20, 2009 at 03:13


I am touched, amazed and truly humbled by the effort that you’ve put into this post.

A friend of mine (he might have commented here), sent me an email saying this to me:

“…you started the experiment, but didn’t contribute seriously to it.”

Which is exactly how I feel about my post. So… I’m going to stretch this a little more and do a Part Two on Ted Wallace. I know I don’t have to, nor do I have any obligation on my part to do so, but I really want to :)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU… so much for agreeing to this seemingly random “experiment”. Whatever was the point of the whole exercise, seems to be making itself quite clear, as I find that what initially started out as a bit of fun is turning out to be a real lesson in human behaviour (and a bit of a life lesson for me).

Here’s to uber-dorkhood, my internet friend named Ted! :)



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