Busy, Busy, Busy

March 10, 2009 · 2 comments

…as the Trafalmadorians say.

This Past Weekend


On Saturday I climbed Rusk Mountain, as I mentioned in that day’s post.  It was a pretty easy bushwack – only about a mile or so to the summit.  That was 31/39 peaks on the way to that Catskill 3500 Club membership I’m working on.  You can also see me on the Front Runner’s List on Peakbagger.com.  That says 27 because it doesn’t take into account the four peaks that have to be climbed in the winter (Slide, Panther, Balsam, ).  Here’s my profile page on Peakbagger, if you don’t feel like checking out the My Cyber-Ego page.

It’s definitely an interesting feeling to be in the woods with only a map and compass to guide me.  Rusk is in the West Kill Wilderness Area of Catskill State Park.  Wilderness being a key word in that last sentence.  There’s nothing around but trees and rocks – no sound but the wind.  No roads or trails or anything man-made to say “this is where you are: go this way to get to the top, and that way to get back to the car”.  One thing I particularly dig about climbing mountains is that the wind sounds different at the top.  There’s nothing anywhere else that sounds quite like it.  At least, not that I’ve heard.

While this particular climb wasn’t all that scary, I definitely prefer to hike with a partner.  There’s just something about having another brain on the case – a different perspective on which direction is the right one.  Don’t get me wrong, I did fine and am pretty self-sufficient.  It’s just a lot more comforting to have someone say “uh-huh” every once in a while when I’m talking.  ;-)

I had lunch with Scott when I got back from hiking, took a shower, got a haircut, took another shower (god-damn! I love having hot water), and read for a bit while I waited for Gino and Christine to arrive.  We then jumped into the Mini and rolled off to Katie’s apartment in Astoria to meet her and our cousin Danny.  Then hopped on the subway to go down to Nokia Theatre in Times Square to see the Led Zeppelin tribute show.

Definitely not the best Led Zep tribute band I’ve seen – they were really more of a cover band, sans their own personal style.  But sh*t, they played Zeppelin tunes nice’n loud for 4 hours and I had a small taste of what heaven must be like.  I was tired and sore from hiking, but I’m also a fan of Starbucks on fb for a reason.  I danced and sweated my face off for those 4 hours and loved every minute of it.

I’ll dispense with a review of the band – they weren’t that great.  One highlight of the evening for me was when they brought Derek St. Holmes – one of Ted Nugent’s bandmates – up on stage to cover “Rock ‘n Roll” and then slide into “Stranglehold”.  At first, I was pissed about the latter – I bought tickets for a Led Zeppelin show.  But I have to say that Derek kicked some major ass; he was the only real, honest-t0-goodness rock star on stage that night.  Katie said she thought he was hot, despite his white goatee, and I had to concede her point.  That man definitely had stage presence.  I was struck by the fact that Derek has been playing “Stranglehold” for the past forty years.  Granted, he was probably playing in bars when Led Zep was selling out stadiums, but wtf: Derek rocked the house.

We went to the Hard Rock Cafe for appetizers afterward (I had a $15 burger) and made it home by 4AM (daylight savings time included).  Hence no blog post on Sunday – I was beat after that long day.

One other thing worthy of note was that I didn’t stop dancing the whole night long – even on the subway on the way home.  Despite my poo-poo-ing of “Dance Yoga“, I think that experience definitely opened up something in me.  Maybe it’s also Christine’s “dancing makes you brave” YouTube clip that I watched a couple of weeks ago – who knows? 

NB:  If you watch the above-referenced YouTube clip, I must point out that I do not own a tv and retain both my masculinity and heterosexuality, despite being influenced by said clip.

My dancing on the subway platform attracted the attention of a pretty little girl with spiderweb tattoos on her face and a bright crimson mohawk.  She played whatever emo-hip-hop she was listening to on her phone for us and we danced together for a bit.  Apparently, it drew quite a crowd – Christine supposedly has pics.  So in a small way, I got to live my dream of being a subway platform performer.  I was having too much fun dancing with the tattooed chick to notice whether anybody was looking, which must point at least a little way towards my efforts at eg0-deflation these past few years.  I don’t consider myself a particularly good dancer, but when a complete stranger (who has some black in her) says “yeah!  he’s got it!  ‘boy’s got some rhythm!”, that’s about all the confirmation I need that I must not completely suck.  She was probably all f*cked up on drugs, though – I mean, this is NYC we’re talking about.  Oh well, I had my moment in the sun.

Sunday was a day of rest, laundry, cleaning, tutoring and blogging.

This Week


…is going to be a relatively eventful one.  I’m going to the NYSSA (New York Society of Security Analysts) Conference/Seminar “Getting Ready for Proxy Season” on Wednesday.  I can’t wait to meet some of the other dorks in my field.  Hopefully, I’ll time everything right and get to meet my friend the $@BS for brunch – and maybe even my friend Joe Roche after the conference.  “I don’t know, we might not have time.” 

And on Thursday I’ll be attending an internet marketing seminar – again, hopefully with the $@BS.

On top of all this, work is busy as sh*t; hopefully I can make it in on time once or twice this week.  And I still need to get my friggin’ AdSense plugin to work.  Yay.  Tweet me if you’re on Twitter:  eye heart new social-media friends.

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Tom March 10, 2009 at 12:11

Thanks Ted. That Grey’s Anatomy clip confirmed my suspicions: I fucking hate that show.


$@bs March 10, 2009 at 20:05

‘Cept $@bs had to ruin it with her stupid work n $hit – does this totally throw you off? If so, still hoping to make Th. evening event! Sorry about the Zepplin, but it serves you right for hangin’ in Times Squizhouse…


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