Led Zeppelin Show on Saturday

March 6, 2009 · 3 comments

This Saturday (3/7), my favorite sister Katie and I will be attending the “The American Led Zeppelin” show at Nokia Theatre in Times Square (NYC).  Anybody interested in going can feel free not to contact me, and buy tickets themselves here.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see you at the show.  I think we’d have a great time together rockin’ out to a Led Zeppelin tribute band.  However, I will have a much better time if I don’t have to worry about all the damned social niceties involved with planning an outing – who to invite, who not to invite, whose feelings will be hurt if I forget to invite them, etc.  So if you’d like to meet us there, I look forward to meeting you unexpectedly.

Katie and I will be there, as will Matthew “Gino” Genovesi (a.k.a. “meatball”, “pork-pie”, and several other greasy musclebound Italian-related monikers) and the lovely Christine J. Connolly, our current concert-going companions.  I’m sure Christine will remember to wear sensible shoes this time. 

The last show the four of us attended was the Flogging Molly show at Hammerstein Ballroom a couple of weeks ago.  Dan DeRenzo, David Gutkin, and our brother John also attended.  It was awesome. 

In this humble blogger’s opinion, Led Zeppelin is the best rock band EVER.  There have been many other greats along the way, but Led Zeppelin set the standard.  The ARE the bar.

The last Led Zeppelin tribute band Katie and I attended was about two years ago.  The show was at an opera house in Englewood NJ.  “Hammer of the Gods” was an excellent show, but rather expensive (I think tickets were like seventy bucks apiece).  Katie and I attended that with John and mom and dad.  Mom bought the tickets and planned the whole thing.  She had a great time, as did the rest of us.  To grow up with a mother who loves Led Zeppelin has been an experience I wish everyone could have.

“Hammer of the Gods” was a lot of fun, once I got past the fact that they weren’t Led Zeppelin.  In a similar fashion to my “Dance Yoga” experience, once I suspended my (characteristically harsh) judgment and just let go and enjoyed the experience, I had a rockin’ good time.  I was bouncing in my seat as much or more than the giggling schoolgirls in the front row.  When “Hammer of the Gods” played No Quarter, I just about flashed back to college.  It was pretty weird:  I hadn’t heard the song in several years and didn’t remember it when it started, but the chemicals floating around in my brain sure did.  Here’s a link to the song (a live version).  I was thrown at first by the fact that I was hearing it live – I’m used to the studio version. 

And what the hell – just for shits & giggles, here’s a link to a cover of No Quarter by German metal band Grave Digger.

I’ll close with this:  my sister Katie rules.  Who else would attend a heavy metal cello show with me? 

metal-heads-union-666.jpg metalheads picture by senashadows

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Katie March 6, 2009 at 08:45

Thanx Ted! It’s gonna be a great time! I am ready to rock out! You R-O-O-L!!!!


lilynicole March 6, 2009 at 10:09

I know my brothers love me, but the just don’t proclaim my obvious regality nearly enough! Maybe you need older brothers. Excellent brothering Ted.

There is something about likening a Led Zep cover band to Dance Yoga that I find delightful.


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