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March 3, 2009 · 6 comments

Jimmy Ding-Dong’s Monkey Machine


So rather than spending my time last night putting together a decent blog post, I spent it effing around with the Blogger CMS and IM-ing on Facebook. 

You can see the results of my Blogger-screwing here, but you can’t see the results of my IM-ing on fb anywhere.

WordPress is my CMS (content management system) for this blog.  It’s the first one I tried, and the one I’m most used to, so I like it the best.  I have to say, though, that Blogger is probably more user-friendly than WordPress.  The split-window view while one is editing one’s blog layout is pretty awesome.  WordPress seems to have more theme possibilities, but it’s tough to edit things like font and background colors without knowing CSS (cascading style sheets).  It’s possible that I’m just a dummy and haven’t figured out how to do these things with WordPress yet, but it’s really all right there in front of me with Blogger.

At first, I felt like I was writing with crayons, but the more I messed around, the more user-friendly I found it.  I think that’s because it’s mostly WSIWYG (what you see is what you get).  WordPress is a lot more customizeable for the code-savvy (which I, unfortunately, am not – yet).


Filler Content


Being that I had to make it to work today, I think it’s best if I just throw in some stuff I had laying around for a snowy day.  I could certainly have spent some time writing about idealistic vs. pragmatic views of love and my take on the whole “soul mate” idea.  Or I could have written about the series of dreams I had the other night – a walking skinned deer, many big and ugly bugs as a sign of the coming apocalypse, and my failed attempts to accept Christ into my life through my words and heart.  Fun stuff, all, and probably good content.  But alas, it was simply too late to write.

Here’s a link to a Saturday Nite Live skit making fun of the bail-out.   The skit was scuttled and never aired.  Apparently, NBC tried to shut it down on the internet too, so we’re now officially part of the revolution.  Heads-up, though, you need a media player to view it – I couldn’t find the html to embed it directly into the page.


SNL Bailout Skit


And here’s a link my friend Fernando sent me called “the funniest video in the world”.  I beg to differ.  Fernando lives in Rio de Janiero, though, so maybe I need to re-evaluate.  I can’t figure out what language they’re speaking.  When I click over to my French translator, all I hear is “we surrender!  we surrender!”, so I don’t think that’s right.  My German translator was on the fritz at the time this post was published.  Anyway, here you go:

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aLLi March 3, 2009 at 09:44

That video clip is a set up tv show, its not real. They are speaking French. The host of that tv show is laughing because the man who is speaking in such a high voice has gone through an operation which has unfortunately left him like that. Thats what the topic of the show is, medical malpractice. Its one of my favorite videos and i’ve had it posted on my facebook before but no one understood it .


niceguyted March 3, 2009 at 22:36

You get to all the good stuff before me. ;-) I’ll be forever trying to catch up (e.g. @fxxxmylife).


lily nicole March 3, 2009 at 10:13

Alright, it was difficult NOT to read your post and not see a giant Uncle Sam index finger pointing at me as I chatted you up at quarter to two last night…even though it was only quarter to eleven here.

your kitten thanks you for your pointers but in order to avoid any more “you are lame” references. I transferred all (three of) my posts to wordpress. (I do laugh and scoff while I write this.)

Though I would not request apocalyptic posts about giants insects (BUGS, ahhh! That’s what makes me a girly girl) I would enjoy some more of the inner workings of the Jedi’s sexploits: mental, virual or tangible.



niceguyted March 3, 2009 at 22:38

“All 3”. That’s awesome. I’ll see what I can do to accommodate – does confrontation of deep fears work?


$@bs March 3, 2009 at 17:22

Good info on blogger – question: why do you have quixoticjedi AND the blogger site? Do you post different content on each? What’s the porpoise (pun intended). “Goodbye, goodbye goodbye…” (Monkees “Porpoise Song” circa 1968 reference and farewell).


niceguyted March 3, 2009 at 22:40

Remember the part in “Animal House” where the new pledge asks John Belushi “why Pinto?” I wish I had that clip to play.

I just set up Jimmy Ding-Dong’s Monkey Machine last night – mostly for shits and giggles, but also to see if I could lead Nicole along a bit. It appears that was unnecessary.

Now, I’m just happy to play with crayons and use that blog to drive readers to this one. Who knows? Maybe that one’ll get some fans.


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