A Poem, Among Other Things

March 2, 2009 · 2 comments

Current Meditation:

Every so often, I’ll hear someone say “life is a journey, not a series of destinations”.  And every time I do, I close my eyes and meditate on this for a bit. 

I have goals – things I want to accomplish.  Some are long-term, some are short-term.  Pay off my student loan debt, wax the car, a meaningful relationship with a smokin’-hot member of the opposite sex – things like that.  My problem is that I all-too-often blur the line between long- and short-term goals.  Everything becomes a short-term goal and I end up wondering why I haven’t accomplished anything.

My long-term goals are long-term for a reason:  they can’t be accomplished in the short term.  Sometimes they’re built brick-by-brick of short-term goals, and sometimes they’re accomplished by a series of decisions along the way.

When I meditate on the fact that life is a journey, all those pressing issues that are unresolved and burdensome just melt away.  Tomorrow is another day.  All those things on my to-do list suddenly become relatively insignificant and I can let go and just be.  Besides “unresolved” and “burdensome” are the direct result of me setting expectations for myself.  Reasonable expectations are ok – the handful of things on today’s to-do list – but getting rich and married before the week is out are not (reasonable or ok as expectations).

When I keep my head down and get done the things I need to do today, I move closer to accomplishing those long-term goals.  And in the same way that it’s ok if I don’t get one or two of the things on today’s to-do list done (e.g. the dishes), the same is true of my long-term goals:  some of them just won’t get accomplished, either.

And that’s ok, too – when I remember that life is the journey:  I don’t recognize destinations except in hindsight anyway.

Ode to the Open Road

by Ted

The Road
before me.
My eyes look farther
to the horizon.
Myopia is stretched.
A longer view.
Switch gears and
accelerate past the
car formerly in front of me
and driving becomes
a metaphor for life.

Maybe I should just stick with prose.  My point here is that I didn’t realize that I needed some good highway time until I was actually there.  This happened yesterday.  This past weekend was the third one in a row that Scott and I didn’t go hiking.  I knew I needed some kind of physical release and the Moving Energy class on Friday night took care of some of that.  What I didn’t realize was that I had also become accustomed to the 2.5 hour drive to and from the Catskills.  I needed to get away from the hometown streets with their attendant stop signs and streetlights and really let go for a bit.  Well worth it, even if my trip to Woodbury Common didn’t bring me back with any new oxford shirts.

There’s No Fourth Thing

Or is there?  The title of this post is “A Poem, Among Other Things” – which means that in order to be a true-to-form title, I need at least four things to qualify for use of the word “among”.  I should have just gone with “between”.  Oh, well, only someone as knit-picky as me would pick that up, anyway.

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rachel March 2, 2009 at 12:15

wow ted thats deep-gud shit tho-im impressed


Tom March 2, 2009 at 14:17

“Knit-picky”? Oxford shirts? Nice “thread”!


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