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This past July I had occasion to vacation in Sedona AZ with my hiking partner (Scott) and his wife.  As we were there mid-July, I finally learned what people mean when they say “yes, but it’s a dry heat”.

Besides the obligatory hiking excursions (the most notable of which was the summit of Humphrey’s Peak, the tallest mountain in AZ at 12,633 feet), we also spent plenty of time doing the tourist/vacationer thing in the town itself.  Sedona is home to more psychics and people of a “new age” mindset than I’d care to count.  Besides visiting with psychics, we also spent some time with an Indian (red) guide named Rahelio, who took us on a short hike and guided meditation session.  We also attended a sweat lodge ceremony with him at the end of the week.  One day I’ll set down my experiences in and impressions of Sedona and our vacation, but that’ll take several posts. 

The point of this post is to begin a discussion of the year 2012.  This is the year beyond which the Mayan Long Count Calendar makes no predictions.  Different cultures have different words for the time (the Bible, for example calls it “Armageddon“; this is also known as the “Age of Aquarius“).  Basically, all kinds of changes are expected to occur around/during this year.  Changes involving climate shift, a shift in the earth’s magnetic field, etc.  This was on the lips of many a person in Sedona, albeit obliquely.  Sedona-ites weren’t looking to educate every person that walked in to town about 2012; rather, it was more something that everybody already seemed to know about – if ever mentioned, the references were very matter-of-fact. 

Last night, the subject of 2012 came up in my discussions with Scott and I picked up a couple of books that I own on the subject of The Shift:  Incredibly Believable! by Dr. Sunny Satin, and The Mayan Prophecies for 2012 by Gerald Benedict.  The former was recommended to me by the psychic with whom I met on our last day in Sedona, and the latter I picked up at Barnes & Noble one day because I was out of things to read.  The series of coincidences in our discussion could have been straight out of The Celestine Prophecy:  Scott was at my laptop, looking into classes at the Rocky Mountain Mystery School when the subject of 2012 came up.  I read a few things aloud from the inside cover of Incredibly Believable!, one of which referred to “Indigo Children“, and Scott said something along the lines of “if I hear one more thing about that…”  In response to my query, he responded that people are constantly calling him an Indigo Child.  Dr. Satin’s book had a few pages dedicated to Indigo and Crystal Children, which I also skimmed aloud.  I mentioned Childhood’s End by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the plotline of which holds certain similarities with our topic of discussion.  Later, a quick Google of Dr. Satin revealed “The California Hypnosis Institute” as the title of his website (Scott is a studied and licensed hypnotherapist). 

Anyway, I think I’ll be reading Dr. Satin’s and Mr. Benedict’s books today…

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