Probably No Hike This Weekend

January 11, 2009 · 0 comments

It doesn’t look like Scott and I will make it to the Catskills this weekend. We were supposed to get a good dumping of snow, starting Friday night or yesterday morning, so we figured it would be best to let the snow blow in and give the plowers a chance to do their job. The snow didn’t start down here until later yesterday afternoon, and we got a good couple of inches. The Catskills got quite a few more than we did, and it’s still coming down up there. It’s not supposed to stop until this afternoon.

As I’ve mentioned several times, we hike rain or shine, but I drive a Mini Cooper and Scott drives a Toyota Yaris – neither of which are particularly suited to any number of inches of snow on the roads. My car is a bit heavier and stick-shift (and I like driving in inclement weather), so we’ve been taking the Mini to the Catskills the last several weekends. The thing is, Catskill State Park is one of the major water supply areas in NY, so they don’t use any kind of de-icer (NaCl/CaCl) on the roads, just sand. And it’s stayed pretty cold up there, so even though we didn’t see snow the last couple of weekends, the roads are still kind of nasty. I’m sure they’ll be pretty horrible today for a Mini.

So today we’ll take advantage of the extra sack-time and maybe get some snowshoeing done in Harriman State Park (which is just around the corner). We probably won’t bring the Spot tracker, so my apologies, dear readers, but you won’t be able to follow us real-time this weekend.

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Stay tuned, though, we still have to climb Blackhead Mountain and Balsam Mountain in the winter to get our 3500 Club patch, so we’ll be on one of those next Saturday.

Here’s Blackhead:

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And here’s Balsam:

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