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December 31, 2008 · 3 comments

Internet dating karma after the first date:

It’s ok to just let it go.  No further contact.  No calls, no emails, no text messages.  They’ll figure it out; I always do.

I don’t think there’s any necessity to have a “we’re breaking up” conversation after one date. 

This is also why I don’t really belive in a whole bunch of emails back and forth (“let’s just “talk””) – or even phone calls – before a first date.  Here’s an analogy:

Internet Dating Profile : First Date :: Resume : Job Interview

For those not analogy-savvy, that translates to “An internet dating profile is to a first date what a resume is to a job interview.”  It’s a foot in the door.  No employer worth its status as an employer is going to hire me based upon my resume alone.  If an employer likes what it sees on my resume, I get called in for an interview.  Same thing with internet dating: if a girl likes what she sees (and, hopefully, reads), she’ll meet me for coffee.  At least, that’s the way it works for me:  if I like what I see and read in a girl’s profile, I want to meet her to see if she’s the real deal.

If I’m interested after the first date, I ask for a second date, and so on.  If I’m not interested in a second date, I don’t ask for one.   Period.  End of story.  There are no games to play, no “wait a couple of days” or “wait to see if she calls me” or “if she’s interested, she’ll call me” etc.

Where karma plays into this whole thing is forthrightedness.  I believe that if I’m up-front with my intentions and feelings, I’ll meet someone who is up-front with her intentions and feelings.  I take things at face-value: if I don’t get a call/email/whatever back, I assume she’s not interested and don’t press her for an explanation. 

Once upon a time, I was like Pepe le Pew

…just bouncing along in full confidence that I’d get Penelope Pussycat in the end. 

Not much has changed, I’m still bouncing along, but now I change directions.

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Robert S. April 17, 2009 at 23:37

Keep working ,great job!


niceguyted March 25, 2009 at 21:45

lol – if my German is correct, this comment says “What’s the right way to talk to women?…”

“If you’re using a dating service or living alone, you need to learn how to flirt. Here are some tips…”


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