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Ok.  First let me say that my sister Katie rocks.  She’s the current occupant of the 1 slot of my “My Friends” list over at myspace (www.myspace.com/niceguyted).  As soon as I figure out what her friggin’ url is, I’ll add the hyperlink above and possibly delete this sentence. 

Q:  “And how does one know when one’s sister rocks?” 

A:  Have you met Katie?  GFY.

So check it izzout:  K-Bizzle accompanied me to the Apocalyptica show on September 26th of this year.  And she rocked out at said show with me.  Apocalyptica (www.apocalyptica.com) is a Finnish band of four classically-trained cellists that got their start covering Metallica tunes.  I had their self-titled cd for yearsa – and am the only one I’ve ever met who truly enjoyed listening to it.  They added a drummer in 2005 (whose style is very similar to that of Lars Ulrich) and now play original stuff as well as Metallica covers.  They’re awesome.

Imagine 4 dudes playing cello on stage at Nokia Theatre (Times Square):  one sits in the corner with sunglasses on looking cool, the other three are running and jumping around, head-banging, two of whom are doing the old synchronized-hair-swirling-thing so popular…whenever.  Rocking out ..os!

The crowd was a bit quiet for my tastes – I was sure there’d be a pit at this show, but it’s my sad understanding that the current style of enjoying oneself at a show in the city is to stand relatively still and silent.  Don’t get me wrong, people were having a good time, but I was the only one within 20 yards performing any kind of physical tribute to the music.  Nobody came within at least 6 feet of us and man, did I feel it every time my brain bounced off the front of my skull.  My Backstreet Boys t-shirt beat any of the Mastodon t-shirts in the crowd.

Imagine singing along to Metallica tunes without James Hetfield overpowering you.  Imagine doing so at the top of your lungs, and being the only one doing so within said 20 yards.  It was awesome. 

Katie stood next to me the whole time, rocked out however the cool city-chicks do, made fun of the pussy-ass singer from Fuel who sang a couple of the songs on stage (his thighs were too fat and his clothes too expensive to be punk-rock), hi-fived me, made fun of the other tools around us, made fun of us (with me) for having so much fun at a hardcore cello rock show, and generally made me feel like I’m as cool as I think I am.  She’s awesome.  Especially because she had such a good time as well – you can’t fake that, and Katie wouldn’t bother anyway.

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Katie December 16, 2008 at 22:02

Awww! and no i wouldn’t bother!

Thanx T Money


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