The Missing Piece Meets the Big O (by Shel Silverstein)

October 27, 2008 · 0 comments

So my friend Jennifer suggested that I check out “The Missing Piece Meets the Big O” by Shel Silverstein.  I thought I’d have to order the book, but it’s actually pretty short and available online:


My suggestion would be to read it before you continue reading this…


Stubborn, aren’t you?  Read the damned thing and come back to this.  If you click the link, it’ll probably open a new browser tab/window anyway.


My first reaction was “what is she trying to say?”  I definitely recommend asking yourself that, dear reader – about you and me though, not about me and Jennifer.  And I’ll go right ahead and tell you what I’m trying to say:  take a good look at yourself and your relationships with other people.  Can you identify with one or more of the “characters” in the story?  Which one?  Why?  


My further suggestion would be to take ½ an hour and write out your reaction/identification, then put it away somewhere where you’ll serendipitously find it later (e.g. sock drawer or that pile of papers on your desk that you plan on reading “sometime soon” or make an appointment in your Outlook for a few months/years/whatever down the road – just make sure it’s marked well enough that you’ll actually read it later).  Now look up the word serendipity to be sure that you know what it means (just not in a Merriam-Webster Dictionary, fuck MW, if you own one stop reading this right now and get rid of it because the internet is psychic and I’ve instructed it to boil your brains in your skull if you do and don’t and actually keep reading).  I’m serious.  There is no spoon.


Anyway, here’s my reaction (which I shared with Jennifer after she suggested I read said story).  Sorry, Jen, if you have to read this again:


I read “The Missing Piece Meets the Big O” today. You’re right, it’s pretty cool. Of late, and especially in light of the whole “get a girl” topic, I’d say I’m kind of like the O that’s missing a piece – I’m rolling along just fine, but I can tell that the hole is there, even though it’s mostly filled with other stuff at this point. It’s just that the stuff doesn’t always feel as solid as it should.


That’s just the last couple of weeks, though.


I won’t even get in to the wierdo analogies that come to mind if I press my marriage into this mold…


Overall, I’d say I’m kind of like the missing piece not long after meeting the Big O. Kind of like an irregular octagon (at least, that’s what I’d be in Silverstein’s 2D art-world, real life is 3D) that’s not quite rolling, but definitely moving. I still have my flat spots that are easy to sit on and my sharp edges that are slowly and painfully being worn away, but I’m moving. One day, when I’m not looking, I’ll be a Big O too. By then, hopefully I’ll just BE a Big O and not notice that I’m a Big O, because once I do that, I’ll probably stop rolling and a flat spot will develop on my bottom while I’m admiring how Big-Oish I am. 


Man, if law school is good for one thing, it’s definitely stretching analogies as far as they’ll go. ;-)


So that’s it.  I had fun with this little exercise, and I hope you do too.  If you got this far without actually reading the story, well, good for you (idiot).  If you got this far, own a MW dictionary and didn’t get rid of it when I told you to, well, I hope you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour beforehand, ’cause you’re dead (one can’t read, much less live (legare ergo sum?) with boiled brains in one’s skull – trust me, I’ve taken several biology classes; it’s unpossible).  Sorry, born-agains, I just can’t get enough of the “have you accepted…” question.  Laugh a minute.

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