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March 26, 2008 · 0 comments

“To blathe…”

I’ve a monster vocabulary. I read A LOT. Is that sexy? I don’t know, but I dig good grammar/spelling in a woman. I like to talk about all kinds of things; the more varied the conversation, the more fun I’m having. A first date with me is usually coffee and three hours of pretty intense conversation. I like email correspondence, but I’m not here for that. I’m here to MEET people.

I may or may not be ready for a relationship. While (in my head) I can certainly play out an extensive relationship just by reading your profile and looking at a couple of pictures, I’m not here for that. I want to meet you, talk to you, see and hear you laugh, find out what you think about things, and learn where your moral values start, stop, and get grey. I want to learn from you; there’re a few things I’m still trying to figure out myself.

I’m looking for someone like me: someone who’s doing just fine alone, but thinks things would be a little bit better if they could share them with someone. Someone with just that mix of pragmatism and wide-eyed wonder. Life, while sometimes burdensome, is chock full of opportunities for fun.

Ideally, I want pretty much the same thing most of us here are looking for: that proverbial, impish, only-seen-peripherally “soul mate”. I want a love that belongs just to us; not some responsibility-laden relationship wherein we act out the cultural norms. I’d love to have kids, but only because they’re a product of our love for one another, not because our parents want grandchildren, brothers and sisters want nieces and nephews, and our biological clocks are ticking. I want a mate for life who’s happy with me and me alone – if children are a result, what better way bring other human beings into this world than in an environment of that kind of peace and happiness?

Will I find all of the foregoing on the internet? How the hell should I know? I’m certainly not going to find it cooped-up reading in my studio or people-watching at Starbucks. That’s why I get out of my comfort zone and talk to people – though “hey, have you seen my soulmate anywhere?” is hasn’t thusfar yielded prodigious results. A couple of blind dates here and there are ok, but I’ve learned that I can be a teensy bit shallow.

So anyway, that’s plenty enough characters to satisfy the machine. I’m a gentleman, sometime hermit, sometime philosopher, and generally anachronistic in many ways. But I’m a nice guy and a lot of fun to talk to. I’m a good listener, kisser, cook and cleaner, and I’m d&d free – drug & disease is what I meant, but if you were thinking the other d&d, I’m also that (though I have been reading a lot of fantasy novels of late). Oh yeah, I’m a rambler and typing feels good.

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